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Sustainability | Lux Modern


Trees planted map.

Total Trees Planted


Lux Modern is working with our partner, WeForest, to plant a tree for every $20 spent. Be a part of the team – it's effortless to help.​​

Most Recent

  • 1 Tree(s) Planted (3 years 2 weeks ago)
    by David
  • 7 Tree(s) Planted (3 years 3 weeks ago)
    by Valerie
  • 8 Tree(s) Planted (3 years 1 month ago)
    by Susana
  • 4 Tree(s) Planted (3 years 1 month ago)
    by David
  • 10 Tree(s) Planted (3 years 1 month ago)
    by Stephanie

Our Commitment

At Lux Modern, we believe that every space should be gorgeous, piece by piece, room by room. We feel the same way about the world - but it’s being threatened by everything from floods and landslides to desperate poverty. It’s not too late though. That’s why we have become industry leaders in progressive environmental change. We hope you’ll join us in making the planet a lovelier place.

WeForest Partnership

We’ve partnered with the non-profit organization WeForest to restore the native forests of Sahel, Burkina Faso in Africa. The growing desertification and soil damage is a serious threat, locally and nationally. The land has become bare from inconsistent rainfall, droughts and human exploitation. However, we're educating villagers and local herders on how to independently rehabilitate their land through reforestation.

Planting just one tree has an enormous effect on everything from individual families to an entire country. There's endless potential in only few clicks of your mouse. The world is your home too – let’s make it just as wonderful.


When we reforest, we do more than plant trees. We’re working to end the cycle of poverty. The sustainable work created lets the local people provide for their families, making them happier and healthier. Parents can send their children to school, letting them learn and play, and women’s rights benefit from the focus on female financial empowerment. The project brings people together.

Decorate the planet


Planting trees has a direct impact on the environment. Trees help revive natural cloud cycles and normalize rainfall to fight droughts. They filter carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and create clean oxygen. They also create forest cover for other animals and plants, bring back soil fertility and protect the endangered sulcata tortoise. We can stop ecological damage.

Other WeForest Projects:

  • Preserving biodiversity in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest
  • Restoring the primary forests of Ampohibe, Madagascar
  • Empowering women, children and communities in Ethiopia
  • Fueling the economy and agriculture in Haiti
  • Employing and feeding communities in India
  • Protecting native forests and farming communities in Zambia
  • Preserving the flora and faunta of Madagascar Kalamboro
  • Replanting the Malungon area of The Philippines
  • Stopping damage to the degrading Senegal mangrove ecosystems
  • Working against poverty in Tanzania
  • Restoring the remaining 2% of Kenyan forest cover