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Privacy Policy | Lux Modern

Privacy Policy

Privacy and Your Account
All information will remain private unless required by law or express permission by customer. It will never be given or sold to a third party. Lux Modern may use the information to inform the customer about the company but this service can be canceled at any time. National privacy regulations dictate the treatment of the information. If information is requested by the customer and a fee is incurred, that fee will be passed to the customer. It may be inaccessible in cases of, but not limited to, unlawful activity, prejudice an investigation of unlawful activity or have an impact on others' privacy. Information is erased after 7 years. All reasonable precautions are taken to protect information from unauthorized use, alteration or access. National privacy principles will dictate any changes to the privacy policy. Lux Modern reserves the right to restrict site use, cancel orders, refuse orders and services and terminate accounts if suspected of violating these terms.